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Quality employees are essential to running an efficient organization, and we have some of the best! To ensure that your documents are in safe hands, we complete a comprehensive background check on every employee prior to being hired.

We DO NOT use outsourced or off-shore labor for any of part of document scanning process. While some companies use the Internet to have labor-intensive tasks like QC or data entry completed in India or China, the savings simply don’t justify the risk.

All of our employees sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and undergo a probationary period until they are trained in all security procedures relevant to their job duties. In addition, employees receive specialized training in HIPAA compliance.

E Business Solutions will provide a complimentary Document Management Cost-Benefit Analysis to help illustrate the true cost saving potential an electronic document management system can provide.

This analysis is based on a review of your existing document management processes and our experience allows us to quickly identify areas where an electronic system could be more cost effective than traditional paper-based approaches.

Many of our customers see their return on investment measured in months, rather than years and all we need is 20 minutes of your time to get started, so request your Cost-Benefit Analysis today!

Company Overview


Simply the best solution for your document scanning needs. E Business Solutions is revolutionizing the way document scanning is done by providing superior results while safeguarding your records throughout the entire scanning process.

Starting with selecting state of the art technology, then creating and optimizing the scanning process, and finally, hiring and training the right people to implement it, all make E Business Solutions the best choice for your vital business records.

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