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Moving Business from Paper to Digital One Document at a Time

Receiving Timely and Accurate Information

Organizations need timely and accurate information in order to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. E-Business Solutions provides our clients tangible results that reduce costs while increasing efficiency. Call today for a free cost benefit analysis.

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As a leader in the document scanning industry, E-Business Solutions provides secure and reliable document conversion services that enable our customers to successfully unlock their business potential.

We have over 40 years of records management experience, handling legal, medical, human resources, accounts payable, accounts receivable, tax records and many more types of documents. Put our solutions to work for you!

disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disasters can take many forms and can strike at any time. Can your business survive? Be prepared to protect your vital company information from accidents, fire, flood, earthquake, technology breakdowns or even employee malfeasance.

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our process

Our Process

E Business Solutions will work hard to ensure that the images and information captured will be the best possible.

Our Quality Control process allows us to review images that have been scanned and data that is captured. We take the time to generate legible, high quality documents, with all the information captured.

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document scanning

Document Scanning

Whether in your office or on the road, having documents scanned and stored electronically means they are available instantly, allowing information to be shared quickly and securely.

"Why Document Imaging?"

Our Technology

Documents Scanners We use high-speed dedicated documents scanners with Kofax Virtual ReScan (VRS) image enhancement to provide optimal image quality.

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