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Moving Business from Paper to Digital One Document at a Time

Our Process


Working hard E Business Solutions will work hard to ensure that the images and information captured will be the best possible. Our Quality Control process allows us to review images that have been scanned and data that is captured. We take the time to generate legible, high quality documents, with all the information captured.
This includes checking that no corners were cut-off, images are oriented correctly, and that problem areas of a document have been captured cleanly.

Problem Areas


could include colored highlighting on a page, bleed-through from the reverse side of the page, colored text that does not appear clearly, dot matrix print that is illegible, etc.

The quality control person will identify questionable images, compare these images to the original paper and determine if a rescan of the page, using additional image enhancement tools, can produce a better image.

During the data review process

Lower Cost

we will ensure that we have accurately captured all the corresponding data used to identify the image.

This step is critical to the success of any document management program, as it will enable knowledge workers to quickly access documents and ensure that those documents are usable.