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Moving Business from Paper to Digital One Document at a Time

Saving Time

saving time

Saving time, whether in your office or on the road, having documents scanned and stored electronically means they are available instantly, allowing information to be shared quickly and securely.

Eliminate frustration

Eliminate the time and frustration of searching for missing files or misfiled pages. Saving Money The time spent creating, printing, copying, mailing, filing, pulling, or searching for paper documents adds up to thousands of dollars each year.

Even worse are the potential costs and fines associated with not being able to find those documents should they be needed for an audit or subpoenaed. In addition, reduce your liability by password protected access from authorized personnel and tracking chain of custody of all documents.

Private Information

Our Technology

Since so many of the documents we scan contain private information, like bank account information, medical records or social security numbers, cell phones and cameras are not allowed in our document scanning area, but remain in a designated area for personal items of production staff.

Our Technology

Our Technology

We use high-speed dedicated documents scanners with Kofax Virtual ReScan (VRS) image enhancement to provide optimal image quality.

This process performs de-speckling, de-skewing, color smoothing, hole-punch removal, and other functions to improve the quality of the scanned image.

These image enhancements ensure the best quality image possible and also help achieve greater Optical Character Recognition (OCR) results.