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Moving Business from Paper to Digital One Document at a Time

The True Costs of Imaging

E Business Solutions was founded on the principle that digital document management need not be difficult to implement or expensive to maintain.
Traditional document scanning solutions require a capital outlay to purchase hardware and software, but the true costs go much, much higher when
you factor in the ongoing costs of people to turn your paper based records into digital documents. In other words … LABOR.

Why E Business Solutions and our Outsource Scanning Services?

The capital costs of the hardware and software can be depreciated over time, but there is a very large, ongoing cost of hiring, training and maintaining people to do the following, labor intensive tasks:

  • Document Preparation and Organization
  • Scanning and Rescanning
  • Quality Control
  • Document Indexing
  • Document and Data Management
  • Hosting or Server Maintenance

Challenges of Doing it Yourself

Many companies make the mistake of thinking they can reallocate existing staff to perform the conversion. This presents the following challenges:

  • Staff training and retraining
  • Uneven flow of work and workload (the “Start-Stop-Start” problem)
  • Lack of consistent, direct management responsible for accurate and timely conversion of documents
  • Turnover

Even worse is the decision to hire temporary workers to do the scanning and indexing. It takes on average six to eight weeks of training for a scanning or indexing operator to become proficient and effective at this type of work. The nature of temporary workers means turnover and an endless pool of slow, inefficient workers who never quite get up to speed. Worse yet, mistakes in indexing can lead to documents unable to be found.

E Business Solutions solves these problems by eliminating your labor cost and allowing a highly skilled and experienced outsource team to do your scanning and indexing. We pick up, or can perform on-site scanning of, your files, sign a chain of custody manifest, scan and index them in a timely manner and return the electronic documents to you via a cloud-based retrieval system or on-site EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) software.

We can either store the original files for you, destroy them or return them to you, or a combination of the above. Further, many times customers purchase a scanning system of their own but use us to perform the labor of getting the documents rapidly scanned and digitized into their system.

Additional Reasons to Outsource to E Business Solutions

Our “Pay Only for What You Need” Model

You pay a price per page digitized and indexed. Your imaging costs are in DIRECT relation to your needs. If your volume declines, your costs do too. With an in-house system, if your needs go in cycles, you still are paying for hardware, software, maintenance, people, etc. Since we have many clients, EBS isn’t subject to the fluctuating cycles that an individual company would have.

Document Scanning Experts and Experience

Our team of scanning experts will:

  • Perform a records management assessment of your needs and provide a solid estimate of costs
  • Create your own set of custom protocols and scanning instructions for our staff to follow.
  • Create, with you, a pick-up, conversion and delivery schedule so that you receive your digitized documents when you need them. This also minimizes the chance that you’ll need to call us for a document that is in process, although we are happy to do that.

Hardware Maintenance and Obsolescence

On-site systems require you to maintain your scanner(s), since they have many moving parts and are subject to wear and tear. The many rollers and the feeding mechanism accumulate residue from documents and need regular cleaning, adjustment and repair. Typically a third party on-site maintenance company is engaged to do preventive and emergency maintenance. With EBS, you do not have this concern. Further, EBS invests in the latest scanner technology to ensure efficiency, high quality and quick turnaround. Investing in the best is good business for us and provides a great value to you.

Faster Turnaround

The principles of EBS have been in the document scanning business for decades, and they noticed a common problem among on-site imaging system owners: inability to decrease their document backfiles (and even growth of their backfiles) after buying and implementing their imaging system.

Organizations with paper problems typically have two main issues: a large population of documents (the “backfile”) that they need to scan and the ongoing, day to day document scanning needs. A common trend noticed by our principles revealed that document imaging system owners were not able to achieve a significant reduction in their backfiles due to insufficient staff, undertrained or undermanaged staff, etc. (the LABOR problem).

In many cases, companies underestimated their labor requirements and weren’t able to even handle their day to day needs.It was this situation that caused EBS to come to life and offer companies who needed the benefits of imaging the opportunity to enjoy the cost savings, compliance and efficiencies of imaging without the problems of ownership.